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Shihan Ambuldeniya: A Young Visionary Innovator!

“Work hard on what your doing, because your future will be decided by the hard work that you are doing now.” – Shihan Ambuldeniya

Shihan Ambuldeniya is a 15 years old talented young visionary innovator from Prarthana Mawatha, Watapuluwa, Kandy, Sri Lanka. 

Shihan has been tinkering with machines since a very young age. He focuses primarily on his school work but after his schoolwork, he always spends his time with electronics, robotics, software designing and programming. As a result, he was eager to work in the innovator sector. Shihan, a self-taught learner, is as hardworking as he is creative.

Due to the covid-19 virus, some places in the country were in a lockdown period. And when going to public places there was a great risk of transmitting the virus. So he thought of something that could prevent the transmission of coronavirus through physical contacts. As a result of that, he came up with the notion of inventing sanitizer stations. He recently invented Sanitizer Station 1.0 and Sanitizer Station MINI. He is currently working on his latest invention Sanitizer Station 2.0 and Treker 1.0. 

His invention, Sanitizer Station 2.0 is created with the primary goal of assisting individuals in performing various tasks without requiring physical contact. A person just needs to tap the card or enter the provided number then it will automatically detect the body temperature and dispense and a surgical mask. The information is sent to a web server, from which it can be obtained using any device that is connected to the server. His inventions help to avoid the virus by physical contact and maintain healthy disinfections in a particular place.

Currently he is working on an Advanced Line Following robot in the Technoxian Robotics competition which will be held in India 2022. And he have another plan of developing a “SANITIZER STATION 3.0” which will be more advanced than SANITIZER STATION 2.0. He wants to pursue his career in software and mobile application development in the near future





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