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Rajapaksha Pathiranalage Tharindu Chanuka Samarakkody: A Passionate Education Activist!

Rajapaksha Pathiranalage Tharindu Chanuka Samarakkody is a young entrepreneur & passionate education activist who is passionate about Technology and Innovation. He is also a finalist of Glocal Teen Hero – Sri Lanka, 2021.

He is the founder and director of online education LMS named “,  – A public online Learning Management System.He along with his colleagues initiated with the aim to bestow the essence of education for the upcoming generations and the vision of creating a high-performance learning culture. His works are majorly focused on facilitating an efficient teaching and learning system through a friendly user-defined interface. 

He was recognized for his innovative initiatives. He and his team also received the CIMA CATALYST 21 competition, which was powered by a launchpad. He is devoted to finding better solutions to the current problems of society through modern technology and innovation. Rajapaksha wants to establish a good education system and also to create many opportunities which help the citizens to do their work easily with the emerging technology. So as a start, creating a good education system and making the students and teachers more interactive with each other through an online platform will make a good path for my future goals.

He has always believed in the power of hard work since he was a child. He is an adventurous person who likes to follow new dreams and try giving everything he finds that makes him feel good a shot before it’s too late. He is taking every step possible in order to uplift the quality of learning and teaching even through these difficult times by organizing free seminars, promoting teachers free-of-charge and so on. 

Besides that, he has completed the ‘Young Entrepreneurs 101’ training series by SANDBOX Consultancy Services. He aspires to be someone who could bring a change and facilitate the citizens with advanced learning technology and quality education.




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